Original titel: Am Gleimtunnel – hier und drüben
English title: At the Gleimtunnel

Synopsis: Migrant and German primary school kids from two adjoining, but very different, Berlin boroughs, are more divided than connected by the Gleimtunnel - which used to separate East and West. Yet they are learning and working together in a project to shoot portraits of people they know well. During the shooting they learn about each others differences and similarities. In interviews, they talk frankly about their prejudices and conceptions, hopes and dreams. The film shows the slow and fragile process of rapprochement between immigrants and native Germans in Berlin.

Technical data
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2009
Location: Berlin
Length: 74 Min.
Shooting format: mini-DV
Endformat: DVD + Digibeta + mini-DV
Languages: German and Turkish
Subtitles: English and German
ISAN: 0000-0002-348F-0000-6-0000-0000-J
DVD: Now available !!!
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